Information about Carrytales

How it works

How it works

Carrytales is a marketplace for everything related to babywearing. You can sell, buy and rent wraps, slings or babycarriers. Or find or offer services as babywearing consultants, or customisation or conversion of wraps, you name it! As long as it has to do with carrying a child, you find it right here!

  • Sell

Every wrap deserves a good life, and that may mean that it needs to be passed on to new hands at one point. Make a listing in a few easy steps, and send it along on its next carrytale. Remember that you have the option to promote your listing on your social networks of choice.

If what you offer is of a more immaterial nature, such as consultancy, conversions or tailoring, simply click the appropriate service in the ‘post a new listing’ flow.

  • Buy

Discover amazing wraps, babycarriers, slings and babywearing jackets with a few clicks in the categories and filters on the left or simply search in the search bar at the top of the front page.

ISO! We’ve all been there. If you don’t find the very thing you’ve been in desperate search of for months and months, you can also make an ISO-listing. Simply click ‘post a new listing’, select the category and then ‘In search of’.

  • Rent

The babycarrying community is all about sharing. If you want to send your wrap on a little vacation, simply click ‘post a new listing’, select the correct category and then ‘For Rent’, and set your price per week. You have the option of including shipping, or simply mark for pickup.

Still have questions on how it all works? Email us at  - we'd be happy to help!